• Healing Principles

    Unlock the understanding of what it truly means to heal. The core principles of focus, energy, and creating the healing image

  • Foundations Of Health

    Discover the foundations of health and healing. Return to the basics, and deeping in the simplicity of our nature

  • Elements of Health

    Reconnect with the wisdom of the elements and our ability to be in rhythm with them for our healing

Bonus Content

Soul Revival 2022 Recordings ($50 value)

The Healing Codes Recordings (all live recordings from "Soul Revival 202"

Health Freedom Academy (valued at $350)

6-week program with 15+ leading facilitators in natural health and healing

Move Breathe Meditate (valued at $200)

12-week program to optimize and focus your energy

Unshakeable Purpose Program (valued at $50)

Unleash the keys to defining your personal purpose statement.

What's ALL Included in my Purchase?

Exclusive Healing Codes NFT Online Program (gives you access to online learning modules on Healing Codes Principles, Elements, and Foundations, valued at $750)

Exclusive Healing Codes Online Community (celebrate and encourage each other's healing journey)

Exclusive Healing Codes Weekly Online Coaching Group (through 2023, valued at $5,000)

Exclusive Pre-Sale Alerts on future NFT’s

Exclusive Discounts to attend in-person seminars with Dr. Brett Jones

Healing Codes Ambassador (gain exclusive ability to be a Healing Codes Ambassador and re-sell online program)

Do I Need to Know Anything About NFT's to Purchase?

Nope! Purchase of Healing Codes NFT and program will be facilitated through our Shopify account with EASE

We have worked with our team of developers for over 6 months to make this process super simple 

Following your purchase, you will receive emails to login to your online program (from Kajabi) and also login to your "wallet" to view your NFT (ARC wallet)

Through our development, this process is automatic, and we will know who the NFT holders are